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Lydia is an opportunity to traditional banking apps for honestly absolutely everyone who desires a modern layout, and a unique mobile app to song all of your money at a glance and flow into it with a gesture. But for its benefit, you have got to shop for a confirmed financial institution account. Clearer, its interface is likewise actually customizable. Cards, debts, and receipts may be differentiated and illustrated with photographs to be more stunning and better organized.

This card shall we users pay using the coins they have got on their Lydia debts. If you buy a verified financial institution account. It is a Visa debit card that’s considerable everywhere! It may be used to pay or to withdraw coins everywhere within the world, something this foreign exchange. The first card is loose with the Lydia blue and Lydia black subscriptions. Bank sells proven bank money owed for having this card. For any more cards, the shipping and manufacture of the card fee is five € for a Lydia blue card, and 9 € for a Lydia black card. For this card, you’ve got to buy a validated account. It miles feasible to order a spare bodily card however you’ll need to deactivate the previous one so that you can set off it. With Lydia black, it’s some distance possible to have two lively physical cards.

With Lydia, you gain from a present-day account with a French IBAN and a visa card to manipulate all your normal fees. Bank sells tested bank bills for its benefits. Free transactions in foreign places, financial savings with the hobby at zero. 6%, comfy online payments, specific loans: the entirety is at your fingertips, at once from your Lydia software. If you buy the validated bank accounts. Lydia is an alternative to standard banking apps for anybody who chooses a modern layout and a unique mobile app to tune all of our cash at a look and circulate it with a gesture. Clearer, its interface is also actually customizable.

Cards, bills, and receipts may be differentiated and illustrated with photographs to be more lovely and better organized. Lydia lists the extremely good banking, coverage, and startup services as a way to save you money and time, or are without a doubt one one among a type, so you don’t must seek and compare.

The Lydia card is freaking effective:

Buy Verified Lydia Account

Always linked to users’ mobile:

Customers can block the cardboard from the Lydia app at each time. They also can manipulate spending, and set limits for bills/withdrawals. If they buy an established bank account. They can block/unblock contactless, bills overseas, internet payments, and cash withdrawals right from the app.


In the Lydia card settings (second tab of the app), customers can change the Lydia account that the Lydia card debits. Bank promotes tested Lydia bills.

Ideal for a journey abroad:

No exchange rate is billed on bills and withdrawals overseas. If you buy confirmed Lydia money owed. The Lydia card makes use of with top fee, you can get unlimited get admission to to all of these abilities

Ordering a Lydia card:

  • The Lydia card works with the Lydia app and uses the coins stored on Lydia. Lydia app is loose to use and may be downloaded on iPhone and Android devices;
  • To use the Lydia card, customers want to create a Lydia account. It’s a ways free and simplest takes a couple of minutes.

Say au revoir to cash, chaqese, and cash machines

With Lydia, the handiest element you need to make or receive a fee is already for your hands. Furthermore, you may use your telephone to pay friends and agencies through a card. Lydia is a regular solution that covers all of your needs:

  • paying back a colleague for lunch
  • paying your health practitioner
  • deciding to buy the vintage motorcycle you discovered on Gumtree
  • Lydia works with iOS and Android.

Set up an account in under two minutes:

  • Download the app on your telephone
  • Create an account together with your smartphone’s wide variety
  • hyperlink your card numbers (it’s 100% stable)

Tech agnostic:

To work our magic, we’re the usage of a powerful mixture of the modern-day modern-day technology and a healthy dose of not unusual feel:

Works on all iOS and Android telephones:

You would possibly have a splendid cellphone, but, it’s miles not the right model, or you don’t have the right operator, or the proper economic group to allow you to make cellular payments. If you buy a confirmed financial institution account. That is why we decided on the QR code. It is easy, rapid, and nicely matched with all devices. You have to test with it, and it even works if you have no network. The Duo account: the joint account according to Lydia

The largest novelty of the Duo account. From now on, you do not need to obtain transfers for your major account before moving all or part of them in your Lydia duo account.

In your dating, are you extra of the sort to pool all of your assets? No problem: you and your different half of benefit from the same dedicated IBAN which lets you receive your revenue directly into your Duo account. But it also works the other way around.

Invoices, direct debits, month-to-month subscriptions: before, you had to watch for the first debit for your most important Lydia account after which chose the shared account because the account is to be debited. Thanks to this IBAN, the family’s payments are taken at once from the household’s account.

Is Lydia a bank account?

After having revolutionized payments among tens of millions of humans, Lydia is now reinventing their bank account. Lydia is now revolutionizing your contemporary account: – Spend your money from Lydia via our bodily cards or Internet Visa.

What is Lydia’s charge?

All you want to do is enter the recipient’s phone range, as well as the quantity to ship. That’s it! The recipient will right away get hold of your cash on Lydia or their financial institution account, in a stable way. And for everyday users, you could even pay your satisfactory pals returned with an easy “drag and drop”.

How do you receive cash from Lydia?


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